Refund Policy

Membership refunds are considered for genuine reasons on case by case basis. Click here to contact the customer support with your inquiry. Below are scenarios not eligible for refunds:

“I forgot to cancel”

Membership cancellation is a simple process. If worried about forgetting to cancel the recurring membership please cancel on the day you join the website; once the membership is activated the username and password will work for the duration of the membership even when cancelled straight away. We can not give a refund for a forgotten cancellation.

“The videos don’t work!”

The videos are fully optimized for any device popular in today’s market. May it be your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. The videos automatically adapts to your screen size and resolution as well plays the format preferred by your operating system and browser. If you experience any issues on a specific device please Click here to contact the customer support. We pride ourselves for high success rates solving most technical issue cases in a timely manner. We can not give a refund for technical issues out of our control.

“The website was not what I expected when I joined”

The supported websites free tour areas are setup to carefully represent an honest expectation of exclusive content, including the update schedule that can be accessed once the membership has been purchased. The responsibility of reviewing the provided free tour areas to ensure membership satisfaction for your specific needs lays with you. We can not refund for a change of mind.

“I cannot log in with my password”

The username and password are provided by email upon initial. Fill in the form below to receive your password via email.




If you can’t locate your password, Click here to contact the customer support. We can not refund for a lost password.

“My son / relative / friend used my credit card to subscribe”

Please speak to the person who used your credit card, not us or the card issuing bank. Both us and the card issuing bank provided the service we were contractually obliged to – you let your credit card get into another person’s hands, meaning you are liable in this instance; part of the terms of your card with the bank is it secure.

Chargebacks policy

We pride ourselves for having high membership satisfaction and the ability to solve most customer support cases in timely manner. Please carefully read our refunds policy as outlined above and Click here contact Customer Support with your inquiry. Be reminded that chargebacks have both your personal and credit card information submitted to the online fraud database. All online credit card and online billing companies use and share this database. Once listed in the database you will not be able to use your creditcard for new online purchases. Be aware it’s not possible to get removed from the ban list once added. This is a automated process we do not have control over.