Please review our answers to the most frequent asked questions below.

How to cancel my membership?

Please visit the website of the (third party) billing partner to cancel your membership.

IMG Customers (billed as IMGCUSTOMERSUPPORT.COM) Click Here
EPOCH Customers (billed as EPOCH.COM) Click Here
VENDO Customers (billed as VENDOSUPPORT.COM) Click here
CCBill Customers (billed as CCBILL.COM) Click Here
2000CHARGE Customers (billed as 2000CHARGE.COM) Click Here
GXBill Customers (non recurring, no cancellation required) Click Here
GoCoin Customers (non recurring, no cancellation required) Click Here

I lost my password, what should I do?




Fill in the form above to receive your password via email. If you can’t locate your password, Click here to contact the customer support.

Why is my account blocked?

Understand that password sharing is illegal. The system automatically blocks your username / password combination when multiple IPs attempt to login from different locations. Your login is limited to a single person use. Click here to contact our customer support to have your account re-enabled. Using your own account on multiple devices such as desktop, tablet and smartphone is allowed.

For Non US members, first dial 1+

In order to reach our customer support service by phone for Non US members please first dial the United States country code +1 before dialing our customer support phone number 702 605 4381 – If you still can’t connect to our phone number please click here to contact us directly.

Are your websites compatible on all devices?

The websites are fully optimized for any device popular in today’s market. May it be your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. The website automatically adepts to your screen size and resolution as well plays the format preferred by your operating system and browser. If you experience any issues on a specific device please Click here to contact the customer support.

How can I improve the functionality of the website?

All of our websites are fully optimized to load fast on the major market browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8+. If you are still experiencing issues try one of the two browsers below:

Google Chrome Click here
Mozilla Firefox Click here

Clear your history, cookies & cache Click here

Using an outdated version of a browser can lead to various navigation and technical issues, it’s strongly recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of your browser. If you continue to experience technical issues, Click here to contact the customer support.